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i am 18 years old and i found out i was pregnant january 19th, 2012.the baby daddy and i were very excited. we wanted a child more than anything. about a month into my pregnancy my bf went into this serious depression and decided he didnt want the baby because he was too young. i lied and told him i had a miscarriage and now hes happy. but im still prego. what do i do?


– Alyxczia


Dear Alyxczia,
Please check out our Links page and consider calling or emailing OptionLine for free at: 1-800-395-HELP for free counseling.


I got pregnant with my son two days before my seven[teen]th birthday to a guy named tony I just had a one night stand with. When I found out I was pregnant tony really wanted me to have a abortion at first I was for it but, are parents where not having it I was pretty upset cause I was not ready to be a mom. In the begining of my pregnancy I thought I lost the baby but, I had a ultrasound. I was having a healthy little boy and from that moment I knew I wanted to keep him. Today my son is 5 months old tony does not help me at all he sees Xavier when it is convient to him I wish it wasn't like that but, there is nothing i can really do about. I'm glad I didn't give Xavier up my mom is my biggest supportive she takes care of me and Xavier so I can finish my senior year and go away to school. I want to give my son the best life ever it's not his fault i had him young.

- Autumn


Im 16 years old and 2 days ago i found out im 3 months pregnant...when i missed my period i knew i was pregnant i was scared and didnt know how to tell my family. When i finally stopped being afraid and told them they were disappointed but they are always going to support me.Now, i feel like GOD gave this baby for a reason and i promise to love and care for my baby the best way i can. My boyfriend and his family is excited about the new baby. I can't wait to foind out the sex of he baby so i can be prepared.Im due during the summer of June 2012 and for all teenage mothers love your child and always be here for them. :)

- Anonymous


Hi my name is Ciara and this is my story. I got pregnant when I was 17. I thought the world was coming down on me. I felt lost, confuse and lonely....i had my son at 22 weeks... he only weighed 1lb when he was born he was a really sick baby. My little angel Cody lived for 7months before he passed away. Dealing with all that at 17 and 18 years old was so much on me i had to bury my son while still in high school. Its been 4 yrs now since my angel passed away to be with god and im now 22yrs old soon to be 23.The thing is I never gave up on him.... God sent him to me for a reason at the time i couldnt understand it but now since im a little older im starting to understand a little more. Girls who are reading this please dont give up even though I lost my son I still graduated from high school and Im soon to be graduating from college as as registerd nurse(RN).


- Ciara


Well im 15 years old and mi baby is 7 months she was born on march 31 2011. her name is emirra nicole and i love her to death. having a baby at this age is very hard, especially if you are a teen and want to comtinue school like me. going to school is the best thing you can do if you are a teenage mother. some people say its to hard or its too much but its never to hard if you want to be something in life and want your child to have wht u want. so basicly what im sayen is, god gave us babys at this age because he wanted. so do your best and at this age love and cherish your child like you would do if you were grown, remember its never to hard.


- Rosemary T.



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